Wednesday, 15 April 2009

One of my favorite shops

As you drive through Pleumartin it is easy to be distracted by the covered market in the centre of the town square. This is not Pleumartin's only curiosity - there is a little shop on the north side of the square that is well worth exploring.

As you drive past you will notice gas bottles, some punnets of flowers and one or two other disparate items, but inside is a real Aladdin's cave.

I first visited this shop when I was looking for disposable BBQ's to use on Tour de France day. They had; electric BBQs, charcoal, toys, headstones, paint, gifts, home decorations, tools, table linen, umbrellas, locks, fishing gear, videos, baby stuff, furniture, home electrical stuff, clothing, hunting gear... the list goes on (and on and on).

This is possible because the building you see has had a number of extentions built out the back - quite possibly 25 metres worth of tin shed crammed full of wonders.

But no disposable BBQs.

I mentioned this place to Bengt who visited next time he was in the area, and I believe he was as impressed as I was. So if you're ever in Pleumartin, call in on a flimsy pretext. Just be careful - if you tell them you are looking for something, they may well have it!


This last paragraph I am typing is special less because of what it says, than because I am typing it sitting at the computer in Preuilly, connected to the internet. The connection may look slightly Heath-Robinson (10 metres of telephone cable strung across the ceilings of two rooms), but the speed is 21st Century. Having an internet connection tells me I need to get my own weather station - as I type this our weather panel says it is currently 9c and raining, whilst outside my window it is sunny with the occasional fluffy white cloud.


Ken Broadhurst said...

Congrats, Simon. Sunny with puffy clouds in Saint-Aignan today too, with a slight sprinkle of rain between 5 and 6 p.m. Nothing like the rain that was predicted.

Simon said...

We did end up with rain - a couple of pretty heavy showers at 3pm. This was another of those occasions that the locals will forget, and tomorrow we will be back to the "it never rains in Preuilly" mantra...

chm said...

Simon, ditto for the Internet connection. Your cyber life will be so much easier now. Can't wait to be in Paris, in a month, to enjoy DSL connection, which, contrary to the US can be had on a monthly basis!

Seems to me the old countries are now the New World for everything in sight.

Here, in Virginia, it's freezing cold, rainy and dreary. Miss my desert!

Barbara said...

Hi Simon,
Computer matters first ; hip hip hooray; you are operating your PC from Preuilly ! Good for you.

That shop is very traditonal.Didier calls this type of shop a "marchand de couleurs".Like a hardware store, but with just about anything that's handy for home & garden.

I'm sure that you will be back ;)

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