Monday 4 May 2009

Fred the Shred*

We have been living in London for 12 years. Being prudent (and hasn't THAT word gained some overtones in the past couple of years!!) people we have kept all our paperwork during that time.

Now we are moving on we can't see the use for our 12 year old phone bills, bank statements and payslips, so we have bought a shredder and are busy making packing materials. This has been rather a liberating experience, especially when it comes to letters from the tax office. This has been the best part of packing to leave for France, all the rest of it is hard work and stressful and we are not enjoying spending our long weekend (and the coming week) up to our necks in cardboard boxes.

We now have 5 or 6 bags of shredded paper to cushion our valuables (as it were), and then when we are in France we can compost it all for the garden. I am quite pleased with the concept of triple recycling, so will spend the next 15 seconds in "smug" mode.


*Fred from the shed was a semi-mythical person we used to talk about in my band in Queensland. It just seemed too good an opportunity to miss.


Jean said...

I hope you are labelling your boxes carefully. When my father moved house he ended up with 7 boxes labelled "odds and ends". Some of them are still unopened, 3 years later.!

Susan said...

Jean: I hope we are labelling adequately. The removalists will get a laugh out of some of my labelling anyway. One of my clothes boxes informs them that it contains, amongst other things, underwear - long johns, petticoats, camisoles, stockings. My book boxes list the general topics covered by the books inside eg Cookery, then list one or two key books. It won't work at the other end though – there's always going to be stuff we will be desperate for but no idea what box we shoved it in.

wcs said...

Labels? You label your boxes before moving? You actually write on the boxes what's inside of them?

My, I wish I had know about this years ago! What anguish it would have saved.

When we moved to France our movers did most of the packing, and they labeled the boxes. But the labels were like "living room," "bedroom," "closet," "files," "books," "kitchen."

And it worked pretty well until we noticed that there were 20 boxes that said "kitchen."

At one point while unpacking we discovered that the movers had actually packed the trash that was inside a wastepaper basket.

Jean said...

One man's trash is another man's proud possessions.

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