Monday 11 May 2009

The Big Day Part II

Good News.

The Removalists arrived on time, and the truck is packed and gone.

The Bad News is that we own more stuff than we realised, so many of the plants won't make it. Nor will some of the stuff we sere sticking in the car. This is vaguely disappointing, and means that we will be storing stuff in London for a couple of weeks and I will be returning to pick it up.

I am taking this break to have a toasted sandwich and a cup of water, but the work is continuing as JB, Rosie and Kippadog (my brother, sister in law and nephew) have arrived to help and are doing cleaning (yay!)



Jean said...

Vans are never as big as you think they are.!! It's all plain sailing from now. Good luck.

Barbara said...

Hi Simon & Susan,

I can understand your dispointment. You wanted it all to arrive in one trip and be over. Which is what I would have liked if I moved.

Bon courage- today is "Jour J" or D- day for the truck's arrival on French soil !

Kippa Brand said...

Lucky you typed this up during our lunch break or i would of thumped you over the head!
That was a effort and a half!

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