Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Our Move, day 2, Part II

A quick one to say we arrived about 90 minutes ago. Internet is working fine, as are the removalists.

I am having a beer.



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Simon0362 said...

Congratulations! Having just completed a dual move from a Paris apartment and a Dutch house moving to a smaller house on the outskirts of Paris, I think you deserve your beer.
Now the fun starts trying to find everything hidden in the cardboard boxes!

Simon (Brit) and Jo (Aussie)

NickL said...

A beer??? I think you deserve a whole crate full!

Hope you can find your PJ's and remember, cardboard boxes are considerd stylish in some circles!

wcs said...

A Loire Valley sparkling wine would be more fitting, don't you think? ;)

Congratulations! Welcome home!

ladybird said...

Good luck to you both and welcome on the Continent. It was nice reading that your move was 'uneventful' (inspite of the lack of space in the truck and the car). I hope you'll settle in quickly and that you'll enjoy your life in France. Martine

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