Thursday, 18 December 2008

Un p’tit beurre, des touyous


You will no doubt be as relieved as I was that the car started OK yesterday, and I was able to get to Kwikfit for a battery test. Interestingly, the machine showed nothing wrong with the battery or the alternator, so it must just have been the fact we don't use the car in London and it's been cold. Sometimes this can make a battery discharge. Because the battery is nowhere near dead yet but needed charging, I did a bit of a drive around and went to Comet (the electrical people) and bought a 500GB hard drive to store our photos.

So now I have somewhere to keep my photos, and (hopefully) a car that's all topped up with electricity.



  1. Hi Susan,
    Plein de petits beurres et plein de toyous!

    The verification word is...BIZZES!!!!!!!

  2. Did record my initials!

  3. What's wrong this morning?

    Meant didn't record...

    Verification word is keabagg...lapsang souchong???

  4. And all the best from Ken and Walt for a great birthday! Tis a great season, non?

  5. Happy birthday from friends you've never met (yet). Here's hoping!

    This morning's word is matin.

  6. Another Happy Birthday greeting !

    Glad to hear that your car is starting up again . The cold can do strange things with betteries ( I should know; we have had surprises !)

  7. Bon anniversaire, Susan! Best of all days to you. Ken

    joutmen was my verification word...

  8. Belated happy birthday wishes Susan :-)

  9. Merci bien for all the birthday greetings :-)

  10. I like the old house and bike with helmet shot, very incongrous. Alan

  11. Hi Susan,

    I *love* the photo banner to your site! (But I'm here to comment about the cool bike -- and even cooler helmut. Putting "helmut" on my shopping list...)

  12. Kristin: Thanks :-) The banners are Simon's work, and change with the seasons, but that is really what it looks like.

    I'm glad you will buy a helmet. There was a very successful campaign years ago in Australia to encourage kids to view them as cool. I'm not sure I think mine is cool, but I wouldn't go out on the road without it.