Sunday 14 December 2008

Chateau du Broutet

This chateau, which we saw one day when travelling from Argenton sur Creuse to the Brenne with Susan's parents, presents us with a problem - how to categorise the photo...

We know very little about this building and its history, except that it now serves as the Mairie for le Pont Chretien, a very pretty town on the banks of La Bouzanne river.

So - castle or town hall?



Anonymous said...

I think a chateau is a chateau is a chateau ... whatever its uses are. There are many chateaux in France that served as town halls. One of those is le Chateau de la Ferté-Saint Aubin in Sologne. A big one to boot!

Simon said...

CHM. I bow to your superior knowledge. This is the first chateau/mairie we have seen (as far as we know, anyway).

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
Many chateaux were within towns or villages boundaries. When those building were vacated by their owners, for whatever reason, it was only fit to save them from destruction by housing the mairies there. II think there is also a chateau/mairie in Chatillon-sur-Cher.
BTW your photo is very nice. As a matter of fact most of them are, especially the macros.

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