Monday 8 December 2008

Winter Photos

Walt commented a while ago that I am posting a lot of summer photos - and he is right!

I could post autumn and winter photos like this one taken September 2007:
which I quite like, but grey just isn't my colour. So I won't post it for anyone except Walt. Everyone else look away!

So instead, another summer photo. This was taken in June this year from Roux, looking towards Preuilly sur Claise. I took over 5000 photos this summer, and winter seems the ideal time to work through them.



M said...

I love the grey photos. But then, I am writing from the warmth of a Perth summer.

Simon said...

I love the soft grey misty weather of winter, but I have never worked out how to photograph it. I can deal with blue skies and sunshine, but taking a picture of a misty day usually looks like I have forgotten how to get focus.

It may be something that digital cameras just dont do, I'm not sure. What I am sure about is no way am I going back to the expense of film just to find out!

The Frogblogger said...

Hmm winter. Where I live they've just declared a local state of emergency because temperatures dropped under 15 deg C three nights on the trot! (Chiang Mai). They've appealed to the Thai government for state aid to buy 100,000 blankets ;-)

And in ten days time I'll be getting off a flight back to France... how will I survive the shock :-(

Barbara said...

Hi Simon,
That is pretty hazy/foggy...
Yes, with the grey that we are wearing up near Paris, I think I'll just dream of summer fields too ;)
All the best to you both.

M said...

There must be a trick to capturing hazy weather. The beauty of digital is that you can experiment to your heart's contnet and not have to pay for them. Gosh, I remember the bad old days of picking up a film from the processor to have maybe one decent shot from the whole roll!

wcs said...

Thanks! I was just jealous that you might have been having summery weather while we were sliding into winter. Glad to see your micro climate is not that extreme. Well, maybe not glad.

Winter, hazy photos: tripod.

Simon said...

Walt: I have a tripod. Usually it is in a corner somewhere. For some reason I never have it with me (if the truth be known, that reason is "can't be bothered lugging it around") I am a great believer in using street furniture, trees and church pews as a camera rest, so taking the tripod with me makes sense.

Trouble is, I'm not good at doing sensible.


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