Sunday 21 December 2008

The Shortest Day

This time last year we were on a ferry, leaving Dover for France. This is sunrise over the inner harbour, Dover, taken from the deck of SpeedFerry One.

This will probably be the last post we ever make with the label "SpeedFerry"


Anonymous said...

Very lovely photo, with the ivy below.

We looked for Humeau on our maps and couldn't find it. How could Michelin miss such a pretty place?

Now why will this be your last SpeedFerry post?

Simon said...

Thanks for your comments re the photo et al. It repays the work put into it.

If you look here you will see that Humeau is only 3 houese and a mill. If you're looking on the Michelin 1:200,000 map. your right - it isn't named, but the houses are marked

Anonymous said...

Do I recognize Susan walking away from the bridge? Very nice header.

Susan said...

CHM: Oui, c'est moi ! Crunching my way through the verglas.

Carolyn: Speedferries has gone bust. We are even on their list of official creditors – got an email from the administrators the other day. We bought a 10-trip deal and still have 3 trips outstanding.

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