Saturday 13 December 2008

A Different View of le Grand Pressigny

If you go down to the river in le Grand Pressigny, where the Aigronne meets the Claise and instead of gazing dreamily into the slowly moving water, turn around and look back at the town, you get this view. Two substantial bourgeois houses of some age (at least a hundred years) and a more modern looking workshop – but what is the story behind the remnant brick chimney next to the workshop? What was manufactured here – so close to these quite fine houses? Was the chimney once taller?



NWO Observer said...

interesting post!

nomore said...

Merry Christmas...there looks very snug villiges over there...nice blogs too.

Anonymous said...

It must be a peace place, where if a bicycle leaned in a pole without having the concern of that can leave same sera stolen…. Congratulations for blog, very interesting! Rodrigues, Brazil

Barbara said...

Oooh; I've never seen that view before !
Interesting question to as to what type of factory could have existed before.
Have an enjoyable weekend :)

Simon said...

nomore and Rodrigues: thanks for your comments - it is very common to see a bicycle just leant against the kerb or a wall, totally unlocked.

As youre probably aware - you always have to take the little roads that appear to lead nowhere!

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