Thursday 11 December 2008

What Do You Cook With?

There is no Photoshopping involved here...oh no no no no no...absolutely not...that would be juvenile...


(it weren't me guv, 'onest it weren't. Simon)

When I was in France with a certain daughter who was 14 and will remain nameless (hello Katherine) we had great fun with this company's name, until one day she looked at me very ernestly and said "you know - it isn't really called that". It has, however remained as butgaz in my mind. Who says girls mature faster than boys?

Our computer is working again. Hip hip and all that



Anonymous said...

Just wondering how many people it took to fill it?

The Frogblogger said...

You know, I looked at a container like that for about ten years, and the thought never even occurred. What's wrong with me!

Then again maybe I've been too immersed, with Anglo-French family pronouncing everything à la française, so I suppose that's some excuse (ok, a pathetic one ;-)

Susan said...

Hi Bob – I can't answer your question, but I believe ensuring a regular supply must be the reason that there is always a regional traditional dish that contains beans as the major ingredient.

Yes, FB, the Anglo part of you should be ashamed :-)

Anonymous said...

Even though I have "l'esprit mal tourné" [if necessary, see Ken for a suitable translation], it's only when I read Bob Toovey that it dawned on me. LOL

Jenny said...

Man, the French make every personal sacrifice to be eco-friendly, don't they. Three cheers for Butgaz.

Susan said...

Jenny: The ideal closed organic system, do you think?

C-H: another useful phrase, merci bien :-)

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