Wednesday 10 December 2008

Rue Torticienne

I like this photo.

For once, having a sign which shows which numbers go where is useful. One might almost say essential, especially for people looking for bread in la Guerche.

I looked on Google to see if there was something interesting to say about "Torticienne". It would appear from the word itself that it refers to a lady from Torti (or some form of that name), but no luck there. I did find that Tortic is a central European surname.

The only slightly interesting thing I have discovered from Google about rue Torticienne is that this seems to be the only street of that name in the world. And that la Guerche has a boulangerie (and, what's more, a boulangerie biologique) we didn't know about - at No.4 rue Torticienne.


PS Our computer at home is having problems, so if we don't respond to any comments/queries we're not being rude.

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