Friday 5 December 2008

Le Château de Châtelier

We came upon this little known, privately owned mediaeval château when making a visit to the prehistoric site, la Pierre Chaude, which is about a kilometre down the road from Châtelier.

The château at Châtelier itself is a great bonus view as you come winding gently down into the Val du Brignon, but the best bit is around the back. The people who live here get to access their vegetable garden by lowering the drawbridge and crossing the moat to the potager. How cool is that!



Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,That is so amazing, we really don't have any idea of such a sense of history here in Aus.When I stop working with "the tribe" in a few years, I have promised myself I will have a look around at some places that are a bit older than 200 Dads parents left all their family in U.K. back in the 20"s, so I have a starting point.

Susan said...

Hi Margaret. Newest addition to the tribe thriving I trust?

Barbara said...

Hi Susan,
I think that I have seen the name on our map, without really having passed through.
Yes, that is cool about needing to lower the drawbridge to get to the potager !

La Touraine is filled will little architectural treasures...

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