Tuesday 2 December 2008

Flowering Cedars

One day in late September we noticed that the Cedar of Lebanon in the little arboretum in Preuilly had turned brown. Uh oh! we thought – it's in trouble. The weird weather, the proximity of its cousin the Deodar, have finally taken their toll.

When we looked closer though we realised that it was flowering! It was absolutely covered in male flowers. Apparently they only do this every couple of years. I hope it is a good sign, a fulfilling of a natural cycle, and not a final fling for the tree. It's interesting to see just how many cones there are retained on the Deodar too.



wcs said...

Phew! It's hard to watch a big old tree go. Glad this one will still be around for a while.

Oh, and thanks for the info on John Walter. I thought he might not be the one I met, but one never knows for sure. ;)

Simon said...

It wasn't until we got the photos onto a computer we realised the tree wasn't drought affected (having spent so long in Australia, it's always the first thought when a tree goes brown). I then had to go back and take a closer pic of the flowers.

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