Tuesday 30 December 2008


At this time of year in the Southern Touraine (Touraine cote sud in French) any reasonably open field that still has some greenery in it will also have a number of lapwing feeding during the day.

The lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) is a member of the plover family (it says here) and it feeds on worms and insects. They are difficult birds to get a photo of (or at least they are around our area) because they fly away if you get too close, and we only ever seem to see them on dull grey days. This means the photos are taken at long distance in poor light - not perfect for clean, sharp photos.
This photo was taken on the edge of
the Foret de Preuilly
This year it is an ambition to take a good photo of a Lapwing. It was also an ambition last year - when I took the above photo.



Ken Broadhurst said...

Hi Simon, I managed to get a few lapwing photos a couple of years ago. Here's a post on my blog.

Nice time today. Thanks for inviting us.

Susan said...

Ken: we were delighted to see you and Walt, and really pleased that you came.

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