Tuesday 16 December 2008

The Hole in the Door

This door is in the rue de la Treille, Preuilly sur Claise. If you look carefully, you can see a prototype cat flap - the kind without a flap. Either that, or it's a newspaper delivery slot for a midget paperboy.

Do you think they get a draught?

This house has featured in the blog before - it also possesses the window at the top of this post.



The Frogblogger said...

A mutant woodworm perhaps?! (I can imagine all manner of rodents finding their way in through that hole...)

Simon said...

If it's woodworm, it's no problem - they make the hole on exit. It does mean that I have to be very careful I'm not run down by a megadeathwatchbeetle...

Rodent? So you mean it's more like an auto catfeeder/cat door combination?

The Frogblogger said...

:-) ok I'll ask the stupid question - how do they get in in the first place? (By the way, in your mugshot, is that you just about to take on a whole army of these pests?)

Simon said...

FB as to your first, I have no idea.

But as for your second - of course not. Like every true Frenchman when faced with creepies and/or crawlies I use 10 lires of apocalypse stremgth chemicals.

After Susan has ID'd them, of course... (Susan also points out that the Gallic Shrug is just as valid a reaction)

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