Tuesday, 30 October 2018

L'Art et Lard 2018

Some photos from this year's L'Art et Lard, the annual art and food festival held at Le Petit Pressigny on the second Sunday of October. The weather held, despite a forecast of rain on Sunday and many people who had not got to see everything on Saturday happily returned for a second round the next day.

Patience Scott-Brown, an absolute stalwart of the community, 
finurkling cakes for the English Tea Shop.

The work of painter and sculptor Christine Chastenet, displayed in an old troglodytic dwelling.

Ceramic gargoyles by Charles Leblanc.
These are functional gargoyles in glazed stoneware, every one unique. They are frost and weather resistant and can be used either as water spouts for downpipes, drains and fountains, or purely decoratively.

Giraffe sculptures by Fred Chabot.
The last time I saw (and photographed) these giraffes they were on the Quai at Amboise. The sculptor was the guest of honour at this year's L'Art et Lard.

La Mandragore, a company of medieval re-enactors.

The Millorange stand, selling orange wine-based aperitifs.
Apparently the orange wine is an old family recipe from the Chateau of Azay le Ferron.

An old troglodyte dwelling.

Ceramics by Mark Judson.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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Tuesday's Training Tales.

Last weekend winter arrived, with Arctic temperatures and cold wind. We managed 19km of walking and 1350 metres of swimming. Not spectacular, but it's something

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