Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Training Update

It is now eight weeks since my brother asked the simple question that set Susan and I on our exercise mission. In that time we have walked over 200km, and swam over 15km. We are still doing it, but September is a busy time for us, and a long day of work (over 12 hours a day) and short days (now less than 12 hours of light a day) mean that work days aren't exercise days.

This week we have managed 18.7km of walking and 1km of swimming: 3 days work, 3 days walking, and one day swimming after an appointment in Tours.

There is one walk we measure ourselves on every Tuesday.
As this publishes we should be on the road testing ourselves.

A photo of part of the route of the walk/run we aim to be doing in Davos, taken from the other side of the valley. The clearly visible gravel path emerging from the shadows just below the skyline in the very middle of the photo is the home "straight" - a downhill run from 2,577metres to 1,532 metres.

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