Friday, 26 October 2018

A Walk Around Charnizay

Here are some pictures of our walk a week ago with the local walking club in the countryside around the village of Charnizay.

The back of the town hall, Charnizay. Note the sirens on the roof,
used to call in the volunteer fire brigade when there is an accident or fire.

Bread vending machine.

Charnizay no longer has a baker, but is big enough that the law requires there is bread for sale somewhere in the village. So the local authority has installed a bread vending machine which is stocked up twice a day by the baker from Preuilly.

Root Rot fungus Heterobasidion annosum (Fr. Polypore du pin).

A track in the Forest of Preuilly.

A dairy farm.

In the shed on the left are vealers, and those are veal crates for really little calves in a row in the middle. The dairy beyond is apparently completely automated and the cows come in whenever they want to be milked by robots. Across the road is free range hens.

Sheep at la Chiperie.

Frogs on a nearly dried out pond.

A weatherboard and slate vine hut.

A rare Panema racemus fungus.
 I've never seen this species growing on the side of the road before.

The group walks down the road.

Charnizay in the distance.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

You've lost it Susan...It must be all that exersize...

Susan said...

Quoi ?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Surely that fungi is a Pain au Raisonous...

Susan said...

Check out the correct Latinisation. I believe Panema racemus is how it should be expressed.

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