Monday, 29 October 2018

Centre Aquatique du Lac de Tours

Occasionally we have to visit Tours - it's our Prefectoral city, so matters like tax, residency and most other matter governmental have to be dealt with there. These days, when we are in Tours and have some time to spare, we visit the Centre Aquatique du Lac de Tours.

There are a couple of advantages to swimming here: the centre is open all year except Christmas Day, New Years Day and May Day, they have a heated 50 metre outdoor pool, and there are a number of smaller pools which mean the 50 metre pool can be divided into lanes and reserved for swimmers only.

The centre is about 12 years old, but underwent a refurbishing 2 years ago. It is run by Vert Marine and is particularly well equipped. Everyone we know who uses it loves it. The visitor numbers confirm how good it is, as they are more than twice what the management expected after the refurbishment.

More photos are here, including interior shots I couldn't take.

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