Saturday, 20 October 2018

Holidaying in Klosters

When we were in Switzerland earlier this year we stayed in an apartment in Klosters. Accommodation in the ski areas of Switzerland is remarkably inexpensive in summer, as the tourist industry tries to turn itself into a year round enterprise.

We rented through AirBnB, and for 945€ stayed in a two bedroom apartment in a newish ski lodge. It had an enormous lounge/dining area, a balcony with amazing views and a fully equipped kitchen (it even had a fondue set) and everything we needed was provided. When we arrived our Davos-Kolsters cards were on the table, along with a welcoming bottle of wine.

The view from our Balcony of the cable car terminus, 3km away

The view of our bacony from the cable car terminus.
It's the large white building in the very centre of the picture

Susan, hard at work

We really enjoyed our holiday (you might have guessed...), and having spotlessly clean, spacious and comfortable accommodation in beautiful surroundings really helped.

We're writing about Switzerland - but as this posts we will be in the car on the M20 heading towards London. Someone has to try stop this Brexit stupidity.

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chm said...

Hope you will have Mrs. Theresa October change her mind and kill Brexit. A new referendum would probably be appropriate, but folks are so stupid the result might be the same!

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