Saturday, 4 August 2018

The Davos-Klosters Card

When I was researching our holiday in Switzerland I discovered information about the Davos-Klosters Card, which is designed to encourage visitors to get out and do things in summer. There are many free activities and discounts available, but best of all (to my mind) was the travel arrangements.

What an excellent idea!! The card is free, and provided by your accommodation provider, although if you're staying in private accommodation or AirBnB you should ask beforehand. Luckily our landlady was fully organised, and after asking about the cards before we left home they were on the table in our apartment when we arrived.

The Parsenn Cable car viewed from our apartment.
We could catch the bus right outside the door and ride to the top of the mountain - all for free.

Although Davos and Klosters are very expensive places, we spent hardly any money on activities, as the card gives free travel on all the funicular railways and cable cars, as well as on the regular trains in the Davos region and local bus services. We rode all of the cable cars except one, and caught local trains. Susan even caught the bus. We also caught the historic train (some of us twice) which was also free.

Rosy and Dad sitting in the funicular that goes to Weissfluhjoch.

We didn't get to ride the vintage bus up to the brewery because that has to be booked and it was full on the Tuesday we were there. We also missed out on the dairy farm visit, paragliding, and downhill mountain biking, but honestly we didn't feel like we had much time to do anything else.

The saving are amazing - this is how much I saved.
That is 322 Swiss Francs just for me, which is about 275€. The card is funded out of the tourist tax, which is about 3 euros per person per night. You do have to remember to take your card with you everywhere, but that's no hardship.

We will be writing about all of this stuff in more detail later, but in case you're heading Davos way - don't forget to ask about the card


Today is Preuilly's brocante. We will be putting in our usual (brief) appearance, and then divng off home to get out of the sun.

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Autolycus said...

The valley in the Austrian Tirol that I visit every year has a similar card, and it too is a godsend - anywhere up and down the valley and into Innsbruck, plus cable cars (only one up-and-down, though).

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