Thursday, 2 August 2018

And so, Home

We arrived home late on Monday evening, after a brilliant10 days away, mainly in Switzerland, but also visiting parts of France we haven't seen before, and touching on Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy.

What an excellent holiday, full of wonderous things - mainly whacking great big mountains, although seeing my brother in the marathon was also special. The "mad lady in the box" behaved herself, although she did turn herself off in a huff on Monday after I took the wrong exit on a roundabout because the exit she wanted us to take just wasn't there any more.

We covered 2,390 km, saw heaps of stuff we've never seen before, travelled roads I hadn't even dreamed about,and spent some real quality time with my father. We will be spending some time writing about the holiday, probably on Saturdays. Be prepared for photos of mountains!

We're now looking for cool places to take someone with mobility issues. Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. I, now, know much about mobility issues. Does your father have a wheelchair or a walker? Three or four years ago, I bought a wheelchair that I mostly use as a walker. I stil can walk, but need some kind of support, and that walker is great. A week ago with a friend, I went to the Musée des Arts premiers a.k.a. musée Jacques Chirac on Quai Branly and I took my walker with me and it was a great help. Since it is also a wheelchair, I was able to sit down whenever I needed it. Maybe you could rent one in Tours or in Loches?

    1. I see this type of combo walker more and more these days. They seem particularly convenient when used indoor in stores, etc. Do you ship yours between Virginia and Paris?

    2. Hi Sheila, no I leave it in Paris, it would be too bulky. It was used as a wheelchair for the first time this year when I had to take a TGV to Southern France, because it takes miles [!] to get to your car. In Virginia, I have a walker only of the same brand (junk) on which I can sit but not be wheeled.

  2. I shall look forward to the mountain pics. Switzerland is a place I could live, and almost bought an apartment in Villars sur Ollon just before we bought in LPP. Unfortunately the tax situation just didn’t add up for us. The scenery in Switzerland is spectacular, as it is in the Alps in general. So pleased you had such a great holiday. I find mountains a teal tonic; they lift my spirits. Next year we are planning to follow the TDF through a mountain range...