Monday, 20 August 2018

The View from the Museum

A Celtic figure, found in a local well in 2015.

The visit of Simon's father coincided with the long spell of very hot weather here. What to do with an 85 year old with arthritis in a heatwave. Why, take him to the Museum of Prehistory, which was air-conditioned and had a collection we knew would engage him.

Ernie looking at an exhibit.

One of the things we've always loved about this museum
 is how the architect has borrowed the landscape.

Another thing we love is how open and airy it is.


chm said...

Now, Susan, I see what you meant by the LGP's Museum of Prehistory morphing into an Archeological Museum. Ken and I went to LGP once, but didn't go inside the museum. It was before the new wing was built. Even though these sculptures are of great local interest, they are not real masterpieces.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

It is a good blend of old with the new.

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