Monday, 6 August 2018

Brocante and other Beasts

Saturday was brocante day in Preuilly. As usual we put in an appearance, but as the weather was far too hot, Susan hates brocantes, and we had my dad with me, it was a brief appearance only, before we retreated to indoors in the dark. It reached mid 30s (mid 90s in the old money) later in the day, so we were well out of it.

The evening before we had taken my father to Amboise to Loire ConneXion, a monthly meet up of Anglos and French people, with conversations in two languages. Susan and I treat it as a networking opportunity, and have met some great people there. The gathering is at le Shaker, a bar on the island in Amboise, facing the chateau.

le Shaker - always good for ice-cream on a hot day.
Some things need concentration...

Dad in Amboise

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