Friday, 17 August 2018

The Assumption Day Rally

Last year we went on the Assumption Day (15 August) rally in Lesigny, and enjoyed it so much that this year we went back. Unlike last year we went unaccompanied, and until 7.00am had nothing to take for lunch apart from a melon. Then I made an onion tart, Susan bought bread and salad, and we were ready to go.

I want one

The weather this year was a considerable improvement on last year - sunny most the time and warm, especially if you were in the sun. This mean that breakfast (bread, pork terrine, 2 types of cheese, coffee, red wine, brioche) could be taken without care for getting one's bread wet, and we could look at other people's cars rather than sit steaming in our own car waiting out the storm.

I want one of these, too

The progression was different this year visiting Leigné-les-Bois, Monthoiron, with a stop at Senillé for apero, before returning via roads even less travelled to Lesigny, a distance of about 45k.

Love the set dressing on this Simca

The rush to get on the road

A 1937 Renault Celtaquatre

Look at those shutlines...

Lunch was spent in the company of newly made friends, with a discussion that wound its way to Brexit (don't get us started), with shared wine and toasts. All in all, an excellent day, and amazing value at completely cost free.

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