Thursday, 25 October 2018


We've done it again - after the excitement of last weekend we managed to head off to work at 6.45 yesterday morning (in the fog and dark) without having done a blog post.

When we were in Calais we stayed at the Ibis Budget at the Eurounnel terminus. The rooms cost 37€ per night and was perfectly comfortable, the shower worked, and the car park was full of police and customs cars. As well as being a useful hotel for people travelling in the tunnel the hotel seems to double as a police barracks, whi means (as the lady at reception said) they can leave the hotel's front door open all night and it's perfectly safe.

This was the view from our room when we arrived at 5.30pm on Friday evening

And this is the same view at 8.30 on Sunday morning

The weather here has been amazing - it's still warm, and apart from the fog yesterday morning the skies have been clear and blue. Because of the time of year the sun in incredibly glarey: I had to squint all the way home on Sunday even though I was wearing sunglasses. It cools down very quickly after sunset, but it is late October, after all.

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