Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Three Legged Horses Only

Photographed in Charnizay by a sharp eyed Susan.


Tuesday's Training Tales.

Last week we did some peoper walking - over 30km, and 1200 metres of swimming. It's true that 9 of the kilometeres we walked took us 8 hours, but we were on our feet for most of that time.

As a consequence of that and sitting in the car for 15 hours to and from London Susan has had an attack of the sciatics and is getting around like one of the horses mentioned above. I have done better, apart from pinging a muscle in my left calf yesterday. It won't stop me swimming today.


potty said...

Perhaps it's to attach the dog while you sort out the car. Very useful.

chm said...

No post on Wednesday; hope there is nohing wrong.

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