Saturday, 6 April 2013

Reach for the Sky

 Lovely Green Cape Lighthouse, from my 2009 trip to Australia.

Telecoms tower on Melba Hill, Canberra.

 An absolutely humungeous agave, preparing to flower in a Canberra garden, November last year -- and the photo I took immediately after the telecoms tower above. Do you think there was a theme developing in the neighbourhood?


  1. Love the lighthouse... there seems to be a North African influence there...

  2. In the California desert this kind of agave is known as the century plant, because it is supposed to take one hundred years to bloom, and then die. Of course, that is not true. Was this agave imported from the Americas, or is there an agave indigenous to Australia?

  3. Tim: I think it's just that blue sky/white paint combo.

    chm: It's American, and in fact, a bit invasive in Australia.

  4. love the combination of the 3 images.