Saturday, 13 April 2013

Anzac Parade

The view down Anzac Parade across Lake Burley Griffin to Old Parliament House and beyond that, New Parliament House, in Canberra.
Nature News: Heavy rain showers for the fourth day in a row, with thunder yesterday. The Claise is properly overflowing now, and even our well drained sloping orchard feels like walking on a spaghnum bog. The river is flowing faster than I have ever seen it. Everything is saturated, with the rain falling on already waterlogged earth. It's been fairly windy, but the temperatures are mild enough to let the fire go out in the house now, and I saw my first bat of the year yesterday evening -- probably a Brown Long Eared Plecotus auritus, as it flew into the attic across the street. More and more martins and swallows are arriving, but they are not yet ubiquitous and there must still be more to come.

By the banks of the Claise in the middle of Preuilly, between the plan d'eau and the campsite, yesterday.


  1. WET... innit!!?
    But we've dropped 20cm overnight... and you can just see the Yellow Flag Iris leaves in the murky water... but Pinknoses nest site is completely flattened again... begining of last week she was busily poking around in there, willing it to grow some more.

    I hadn't thought of the Sphagnum bog linkalike... but you're right... squelchy it is!

  2. This morning the weather here in Staffordshire is fantastic (sunny, bright and warm) - so far...

  3. Gaynor: Same here. Oops. No it's not...

    Weather changes faster than I can type it.

  4. Yes it just the same here WET our garden is the very boggy and the 'hole' now has about 1 mtr of water in the bottom... There's us waiting to set it alight!!! But the good news is my son comes over today for a week and he always has good weather, never fails!!!!

  5. 'Feather footed through the plashy fen passes the questing vole'....

  6. I see what you did there: The Waugh Memorial :)