Wednesday 3 April 2013

A Collapsed Cave

When we took our first clients of the season to Loches in mid March we discovered that the vaulted cellars across the road from the Logis Royal have partially collapsed. The view from above when you are standing on the citadel is quite dramatic.

We've never been able to work out quite what this building is. Obviously there are cellars, but was there once a building on top? The roof of the vaults is covered in a layer of soil, as though someone once had a garden there, but there is no sign of that now. It is surely too high to be the original soil level. Yet another historical mystery, and more information may come to light in due course, in which case we will pass it on.

In the mean time, the masonry firm Menet has been called in to do the repair, so the situation has been given the highest level of consideration. The Menet team do most of the important historic masonry restoration in the area, and have already worked on several significant buildings in the nearby streets.


Sheila said...

Would not want to be an adjacent
neighbor. The NYTimes has a great
article about the amazing feats of
dragonflies. Just Google "Nature's
Drone, Pretty and Deadly" if you're
interested. I'll never look at one
the same way again.

Ken Broadhurst said...

All the rains this winter — was that the cause, I wonder?

Susan said...

Sheila: thanks for the tip -- I'll have a look shortly.

Ken: I hadn't thought of that -- could be.

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