Sunday, 14 April 2013

Flowers in the Cemetery

 Finger Flower Cheiranthera cyanea.

The old cemeteries in the little country towns around Canberra are well known as havens for native wildflowers. Cemeteries are often good places for wildflowers as they are spaces that are treated with a light touch out of respect for the dead.

Finger Flower Cheiranthera cyanea. It grows in open forest and woodland.

Dalton Cemetery is one of the best, and I took these photos in November last year in the semi-natural open wooded grassland that surrounds the central compound of graves.

 Finger Flower Cheiranthera cyanea. Endemic to a band running from central Victoria to south-east Queensland.

 Common Wedge Pea Gompolobium huegelii.

Forest Goodenia Goodenia hederacea.


  1. I like the Finger Flower...
    one of Nature's true blues...
    Wedge? Pea... which bit does the word wedge describe... it looks a bit Broom-like to me... and it's Latin name sounds quite "Roald Dahl"ish...

  2. I forgot to say... enjoy your mosses.

  3. Beautiful flowers and great photos.

    Just like Tim, I wonder if Wedge Pea is a close relative to Broom?

  4. It looks like the plant I would call Broom.

  5. Tim: I don't know which bit is supposed to be wedge like. Mosses were good, but sunshine and warmth even better!

    All: they are both Fabaceae, but not that closely related. In real life the plant does not look so much like broom. The resemblence had never struck me, but I can see what you mean in the photo.