Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow Stuff

Every other French blogger has done snow this week (along with most other Europeans), something I have so far resisted.

No more...

Yesterday morning the council were putting up our street decoration (shown here last year), we were thinking about going shopping (then not going), and Susan was shovelling snow (a novelty for a girl who grew up in Queensland).

Of course, no blog entry about snow would be really complete without a movie, so here's our offering.



  1. Love the mooovie.... very restful... who is the artist of, I presume, "Winter Symphony"? Guess you didn't go very far yesterday... we went and got wood from the hangar.

    Word verification is "reeze"... so I guess the thaw is on its way... as in "there is no F in reeze.... precisely!"

  2. Tim. The artistes are those most wintery of bands, the Beachboys.

    We did eventually make intermarche yesterday afternoon, but it took a lot of decision making.

  3. Beachboys but very "kink"ish lyrics just the same.
    Lovely post as we swelter in very humid conditions.

  4. Have you had much snow down there in Preuilly? If we hadn't had the 15 cm we got last Sunday, we would have had much at all. We probably got 2 cm this morning.

  5. Ken: 4 or 5 cm every morning the past 5 days or so. Not enough to stop daily life, but enough to makes us think about slowing it down.

  6. Simon

    Did you have to scrape the car windows ? or was the car in the garage?

  7. We love the video but not the cold. At the other end of the world we are getting record cold wet, wet and more wet in lots of places. Floods again in central Queensland and record cold weather for here. Where is global warming!!! Wally

  8. Wally. Global warming is in front of the fire. It's lovely there :)

    Beaver. The car is under a car cover, so no scraping, but it des take ages for the heater to work

  9. That was completely lovely....thank you for the moment to see Preuilly as I probably will never have a chance to see it.