Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Foot of our Stairs

On the ground floor of our house, underneath our new office, the new informal dining area is taking shape. This will be next to the kitchen (when that happens), and will take a small extending table and a couple of chairs.

What we got when we bought the house
We framed the wall last week, and since then have progressed slowly but surely.

What I turned it into in 2007
How it was on Tuesday

I am really glad we have done the insulation:
The view out the window yesterday
We now have a ceiling in that area (after the old one fell down in June last year) and a temporary light.

After we finished cladding this area, we started on demolishing the old sink in the kitchen. This revealed a whole host of new problems, including concrete cladding, behind which the wall was wet. We have had lamps and a fan on the wall overnight to start the drying process, which has produced an instant crop of saltpetre.



Diogenes said...

A dramatic change with the dryall/wallboard up. And the window IMO looks better inset than flush with the wall...

Jenny said...

Wow, I have not visited in a bit...been busy so far this school year with the girls getting older and more active...but what changes abound...and you have SNOW? How lovely..I hope? Keep nice and toasty and have a cozy Christmas season.

Carolyn said...

The photos show such an improvement. Does the new kitchen go on the back corner of the house, behind where the photographer stood?

Simon said...

Diogenes. I couldn't agree with you more. It makes the house look a lot more solid.

Jenny. 3 days of snowing in a row. It will all melt before Christmas, of course!

Carolyn. Eactly where you say. The photographer is standing where one of the preparation benches will be.

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