Thursday, 16 December 2010

Something we Missed

Winter has really set in. Although yesterday was lovely and sunny (and clear), it was very cold, not getting much above freezing. Rather than attempting to depress everybody with continual photos of winter and complaining abut the cold, we will occasionally be posting some photos from summer that somehow missed getting on to the blog.

When I think of the late Touraine summers this is what I think of: stone farmhouses surrounded by fields of golden grain, clear blue skies, and enormous piles of hay bales.

This photo was taken when we visited Chillou du Feuillet in September.



Ken Broadhurst said...

The snow is kind of exciting. It hasn't started here in Saint-Aignan yet, however. It's the gray gloom that is hard on the morale. A ray of sunshine always lifts the spirits.

Simon said...

Ken. You're right about the snow. No matter how cold it is, with the snow the world always seems a better place. At the moment we have cold and threatening drizzle - the worst of combinations

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