Sunday, 5 December 2010

Téléthon 2010

Yesterday we drove a circuit of the small towns near Preuilly sur Claise for Téléthon. We visited Charnizay (and visited the new proprietors of la Gargantua in the process), Chaumussay (but couldn't get to the Salle des fetes, because oif the verglas - black ice - on the road), Chambon , Boussay and back to Preuilly.

Just some photos today - we were at the Téléthon dinner until quite late.

Not all the cars were old - Célestine and and R8 Audi
Célestine and friends in Boussay
On the road - most of the roads have been snowploughed and salted.
A Téléthon badge. One day I may be an organiser!



Diogenes said...

Celestine looks great as always.

That R8 looks great too - I looked it up and the US starting price is $114,200. So, definitely not one in my future.

The Beaver said...


and you should invite the team of Top Gear to come down to Preuilly to participate..........

Unknown said...

oh - no photographs of Charnizay?

Niall & Antoinette said...

Think we saw Celestine heading out of Preuilly towards Boussay yesterday. She looked most elegant despite the freeze!

Simon said...

Robert. The third photo is the road the Petit Pressigny from Charnizay.

Niall n Antionette - Susan said you were down that road somewhere as we passed :)

Diogenes. I know what you mean. Unfortunately!

Beaver. Too much class for them :)

Emm said...

If your roads have been salted, be sure to hose off beautiful Celestine's undercarriage when you bring her home. Otherwise, the stuff starts to decompose the car.

You may already know about this, but having lived in Yankee-land, I have painful experience of what it does to cars.

Simon said...

Emm. As soon as the freeze stops, I will hose the undersides. Theres no point doing it if it's all just going to immediately form ice!!

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