Saturday, 4 December 2010

Another Little Gain

As long a we can keep having little victories, we are reminded that we are making progress.

Yesterday's gain was all about lighting. We now have outside light above the back door. It's just a little brushed stainless steel downlight with a halogen spot in it, but it lights up enough so we can sort out our keys, and we think its quite subtle and tasteful.

We also have lights in the ceiling of what will one day be our kitchen. At the moment we have daylight bulbs in there, which may feel a little odd at first, but I think they will be a real blessing in the dark days of winter.



Leon Sims said...

I know that room.

chm said...

I can see the computer is at it's usual place. Is it the only moveable item that you didn't shuffle around?

Jean said...

That looks like real progress to me. And an outside light is a real joy - I remember well how chuffed we were when Alex fitted ours in Le Grand-Pressigny. Of course, we just take it for granted now but it does make a big difference.

Tim said...

£nd where are the chest freezer and fridge going to go?.... or does the computer go up to the unfinished office and the freezer, etc. move sideways across the room? It's rather like those blocks in a tray puzzles... isn't it?
Pauline et moi have just been playing with the Rubiks cube of a barn... trying to find the Christmas cards that were left over from last year.
I like the natural light downlighters... could you email me the details please.
We have discovered a slight seasonal drawback to the light tubes... they DON'T work very well with three inches of snow on the roof!!

Pollygarter said...

Now what would be really cool is a little remote control you can take with you so you can switch the light on when you arrive - proximity sensors are sooo "it's 3am and that darned cat just went past again"

The Beaver said...

Et la lumière fût
One little step at a time :-)

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