Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Then and Now

I recently found a photo of Preuilly sur Claise in 1951, taken from near the station and looking towards the chateau.

The station is closed, the trees have grown, but as the song has it, everything that's small has to grow.



Leon Sims said...

I know this view and the station - great to make the connection from when we caught up with you both in March.
Leon and Sue

Diogenes said...

Looks like development has pushed a little further out (the house on the right). The trees haven't grown that much in 60 years...but they llok like Lindens so they are probably heavily trimmed each year.

Thirsty Kirstie said...

I love the church roof. When we visited the vibrant colours caught my eye and it is one of my favourites photos of our visit with you.

Simon said...

Leon and Sue - and next year too?

Diogenes - I meant to take a photo of the trees being pruned. It's pretty brutal!

Kirstie - The church tower roof is still contraversial, even 150 years later. People here have long memories (apparently)

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