Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Technically, it's "mousse expansive", or in English "expanding foam" but around these parts it's just goo.

Squirt enough of it into a hole and it will expand to fill all the spaces: a brilliant idea when you're dealing with a stone wall where much of the mortar has disappeared, or the gap between a stone wall and a brick wall where no serious attempt has been made to join the two.

Our kitchen wall has these sorts of issues, so for the past week I have been squirting goo like it's going out of style. It takes a week, because after you fill one gap you have to wait for the goo to harden before you can fill the gap next to it. I think we are getting close to having the problem sorted, because now I dont feel a breeze anywhere when I pass the back of my hand in front of the wall.
The Kitchen Wall. Most of the joints had
at least one hole the wind blew through
Put enough goo into the hole and it works
its way outside. Then you know the job's done.
So far I have used three cans on the job, but once it is done we can insulate the wall with laine verre (glass wool) safe in the knowledge that not only does the goo stop the wind, it stops water as well.



John said...

Simon, have you got a lot more foam filling to be done?Did you know there is a kind of gun device to which cans of expanding foam can fitted, that enables much more control and much more economical use to be made of the cans. I think you can leave your can attached to it for a long time and then resume use without fear of everything having set so that the half used can has to be thrown away. I think the firm at Yseures that sells concrete products are stockists.

Simon said...

John. I didn't know that, but I do have 2 1/2 cans left, so hopefully it is knowledge I won't have to use! To keep a can "alive" all you have to do is turn it up the right way and partially depress the lever - it blows a little compressed gas through and keeps the tube clear.

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Diane said...

The first time I used that 'goo' I got it every where!! I have a bit more control over it now:) Diane

Pollygarter said...

We've been doing the same sort of job today, for exactly the same reasons! We have just realised that our new house (the laiterie) only has three walls, and it's actually a lean-to against the barn. "Rocrit" - some kind of new construction product, comes in a gun, of course.

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