Thursday, 23 December 2010

Back to Summer

The days are getting longer - I have no doubt I am not the only person who finds irony in the fact that the (official) first day of winter is also the day on which spring sort of starts.

So in celebration of all things summery and sunny, some photos from earlier this year.

A lovely big St John's Wort flower.

One of our favorite walks.

The new wing of the museum at le Grand Pressigny
Sitting here in a very grey and dull Preuilly sur Claise it's difficult to believe such colours exist, let alone the fact that they were here only 4 or 5 months ago.



Abbé Henri Proust said...

Merry Christmas, Maître Bricoleurs. And a great 2011 for us all. Thanks for your Daily Offerings which keep many in contact with la douce France.

Tim said...

The new wing of the museum.... noe closed until at the very least until January... but reading the end of the article, probably not re-opening until the start of the French Vacances season... the building is falling apart!!
Have a great Christmas and we'll see you on Sunday. Unless you are coming over to the Marché de Nöel at GP this afternoon. Wot a fowl day tho'!!

Jean said...

That blue sky over the new museum is so wonderful - can't wait to see it again, it's just never that blue here in Derbyshire............but, what's this about the building falling apart ??

Emm said...

The St. John's Wort is beautiful, such lush colors.

By early January, you'll notice the difference in afternoon light--only a few more days. Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Diogenes said...

The new wing of the museum is very Le Corbusier. Sort of...

Susan said...

HP: Ta, and merry Christmas to you and J.

Tim: That new museum is jinxed! Thanks for passing on the info. I only buy the paper on Fridays, so missed this. See you Sunday and have a great Christmas in the meantime.

Jean: It's not PS enhanced either! I remarked to Simon that it is like skies I have seen in Australia.

Emm: thanks for the reminder. I am starting to get weary of winter and it's the short dark days that get me down mostly. Merry Christmas and roll on spring (I have two new projects I am itching to get underway).

Diogenes: I am sure Corbusier was in the minds of the architects. I think it is a really beautiful building. It's such a shame its been dogged by problems.

John said...

Much though we liked the new museum building itself, both inside and out, we wondered if the architect really had in mind the matter of the exhibiting of artefacts.

Also, whatever the architectural merits of the new extension, the museum as a whole must be judged in large part by how successfully it displays existing and future accumulations of exhibits. Much more consideration will also need to be given to display techniques. Alas, I saw little at present that would animate many visitors.

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