Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Better late than Never!

Susan wrote yesterday about the damage caused by the storm Xynthia on Saturday night. As she said, we lost one slate off the roof, but the chateau fared far worse.

The Chateau in January
It wasn't until I was looking through some photos I realised how much the chateau had lost from its roof. The carved gable finial has completely detached and fallen, presumably onto their terrace.

Sunday Afternoon. As I type this, the chateau
is being encased in scaffolding
Although we are OK, there is a distinct lack of electricity around the area: Of the people in the area who read the blog regularly, we know that Alex and Nicole are sans barn roof, sans power, sans phone and all their rechargeabale stuff has run out of juice (we've lent them our generator), Tim had no power all day Sunday (and we assume is still without power), Rosemary kept losing power all Sunday , and Ken and Walt were without eletricity last time we spoke to them AND had suffered storm damage as well. We, on the other hand, only lost our internet. It disappeared at 10.00 on Sunday evening, and we didn't get reconnected until 19.06 on Tuesday, which is why this is so late.


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Jean said...

Thanks for the updates Simon, it looks like a truley horrendous time. Hopefully all will return to normal quickly, but somehow I suspect some of the damage will not be repaired.

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