Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spring is Sprung

At least, it is in the mind (?) of this collared dove.

Yesterday we planted the kiwi vine against the grapevine trellis. As we arrived at the gate of the potager the first frog of the season jumped into the brook. The first cherry blossom has appeared on our trees, and the black redstarts are in a frenzy.

As if any more proof is needed, yesterday afternoon the swallows arrived. This is two weeks earlier than last year, which is interesting but probably not a portent of anything.

So maybe the dove isn't so crazy after all.*


*this statement may be a little rash. A dove will never win Mastermind.


Tim said...

Does nesting within a coil of wire help align the magnetic navigation system of doves perhaps? Shocking misuse of other peoples' electricty or evolution in progress.... it might be that this dove's brood WILL win Masterdove Brain of France!

Incedentally... the word I've got to type in to make sure that this is a person responding is Bries... and so close to lunch!

Jean said...

So many signs of spring, after a winter that we thought would never end.

Tant mieux !!

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