Tuesday, 9 March 2010

It's a Long Way to the Top

I wrote a couple of days ago about the château being scaffolded, but it wasn't until yesterday afternoon I wandered up the road to have a look.

It is an impressively tall piece of scaffolding, but it doesn't wrap the château up nearly as much as I thought it would: in fact as scaffolding goes, it is pretty discreet. Not that you would get me up there, especially in the breeze we are currently experiencing.

Although yesterday wasn't particularly windy, the wind was coming in from the north, where according to Bengt (who rang while I was visiting Jill and John), Sweden is suffering the worst winter for many years. He had just come in from shovelling 70cm of snow, and wasn't terribly impressed with me commenting how cold it was here.

It was nice and sunny though, and if you were able to find a spot in the sun but out of the wind (not easy) it was a lovely day.

It does feel like spring can't be too far away though - if the wind drops but the sun stays around we will soon forget about winter and have the opportunity to start moaning about how hot it is! Roll on summer...



Jean said...

I am so fed up with feeling cold that I will never, ever moan about being too hot ever again. Honest.

I think back to an evening in LGP last August when I had a shower and sat on the terrace around midnight, and it was incredibly warm. Not too hot, just very very warm. Bliss.

Simon said...

Jean: as if... Where would the joy in life be if one didn't moan? :¬)

Word veification is garappl, which is what I am doing with the concept.

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