Saturday 6 March 2010

Orchard Lizards

Yesterday was a bright clear day, with quite strong sunshine which felt warm if you were out in it. The temperature was below 10°C, but all the same, there was little breeze and it felt warm in the sun.

An adult male.
The lizard family at the orchard were certainly taking advantage of it. We watched about 8 Common Wall Lizards Podarcis muralis (le lézard des murailles in French). As is to be expected for early spring, they were quite frisky. We witnessed some athletic leaping from log to branch, a fight between two males and plenty of submissive arm waving by females and juveniles.

From left to right, a juvenile, an adult male and an adult female.
Common Wall Lizards vary quite a bit in markings and colour, but in this family, females seem to be a reddish brown with dark brown and cream spots; whilst males are greyer, with fewer spots, but including a row of bright blue spots along each side.



Paulita said...

Okay, I never thought of France as a place that is leaping with lizards. Was this an unusual occurrence or do you always see lizards all over the place?

Simon said...

Paulita - they are very common, and if you know where to look you can usuaully see a lizard or two.

It's not like they're chasing you down the street or anything though!


Emm said...

Are these Good Critters in that they eat bugs rather than your garden? One hopes.

Terrific pictures of them.

Simon said...

Emm. All good news :) They only eat insects.

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