Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring Cleaning

It may still be a week until spring oficially arrives, but yesterday, for the first time this year, we had signs that winter will not last forever. This is a good thing, allowing me into the garden to do stuff. First stuff to do was play with my new powerwasher to find out what it will do.

Are you allowed to power wash a
power washer?? Thought not...

The good news is that it does an awful lot. I started by cleaning Célestine's rubber mat (quite good fun) and the trailer (also good fun) , then I decided to experiment. Out came the shutters I didn't finish sanding last year, and I had a blast at them most sucessfully, saving me about a week's work.

Shutters, ready to paint.
Then I started on the green slime that covered the walls of the old long drop (I'm not sure - or at least, unwilling to guess what caused that) and the stone steps at the back of the graineterie.

After lunch Célestine had her first wash of the year. Her underneath was sprayed to remove salt and mud, then she was shampooed and chamoised dry.

Cleaning: big time blokey stylee



Leon Sims said...

Celestine is looking spiffy.

Simon said...

Leon. For you and Sue, naturally

Jenny said...

Celestine is such a thing of beauty!

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