Friday, 3 July 2009

You don't often see one of them!

A miscellany of photos:

The top photo was taken yesterday afternoon on our way back from le Blanc. Just outside Tournon St Martin this farmer had managed to set his baler (and much of his straw field) alight.

The second photo is my legs. On Tuesday we bought an échafaudage at BricoDepot to help me reach unfeasible heights. Unfeasible, but I needed unnerving, so it was back up the extension ladder to really finish the job.

The third photo is of fruit boxes. Jus and Debs are English, spent most of last year living in Canberra, and own a house in Preuilly. In the grenier of their Preuilly house is a vast collection of fruit boxes they have offered to us for storing apples. On Wednesday they delivered a couple of stacks of boxes and stayed for a cherry juice.



chm said...

Legs to put Betty Grable to shame! RIP! Do you plan to insure them, just in case they could get injured with your climbing ladders and échafaudages?

Barbara said...

Hi there Simon & Susan,
( no harm meant, Susan...), yes, nice strong legs, "no shame", as I would have said a long time ago in the islands ;) .
I'm glad you coming along well. Keep up the good work & take R &R time too.

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