Friday 31 July 2009

Almost There!

We are getting close - first flight of steps is complete and usable, second flight is half done and will be finished by lunchtime.

Just for certain people (you know who you are) a movie.

Nicolas, who has been team leader on the installation
(and speaks American) sits on half a staircase

Jean-Louis arrives with the afternoon's reinforcements
(and the second half of the staircase)



Paulita said...

Loved the movie. Hilarious credits. Gorgeous staircase. Just curious, are you going to do anything to the plaster wall? Wondered why you didn't finish that before the staircase, but I never do things in the right order.

chm said...

Love that small movie.

In the credits there were so many Simons my head was spinning a little ; or was it because of climbing the stairs?

Still pictures are great also.

Simon said...

Paulita. Everything has to be done eitehr first or last. Some things need to be done both first AND last. I am starting to believe there is not correct order for these things. The plaster wall will be re-plasted at some stage, but to put the strigers against the wall they had to carve the plaster away.

CHM One Simon, many talents. Apparently...

ladybird said...

Simon, you're a real artist. Loved the video. Martine

Vanessa said...

From where I am this all seems like it's happening in a galaxy far, far away! I love the smoothness of the new stairs with the rough stone of the walls. I am also curious to know what was on the catering menu.

Anonymous said...

encore! encore! encore! you have captured some real divos at work and inspired me to do the same.

Simon said...

Martine: thanks

Vanessa: cups of tea late at night whilst editing movies. I made them myself.

PJ. Inspiration is a good thing, I think

Jean said...

WOW, Simon thanks so much for the movie. It is fantastic. Very funny too. Love it. Staircase looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it in the flesh(wood).
I bet you're both thrilled.

wcs said...

I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.

And I craved popcorn.

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