Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tour de France 2009

Last year the Tour came through Preuilly sur Claise. This year the closest it came was near Chateauroux - about 60km away, but as Susan had missed the Tour last year we decided to take a bit of a trip so she could experience it first hand.

We drove to a crossroads called le Relais, found a comfortable spot and waited.

This short (5 minutes or so) film is what it is like at the Tour de France, from the time when you think you might see some bicyclists until the time it is all over.

These blokes were leading when they went past us
but the stage was won by Mark Cavendish who was
sitting back in the pack about 2 minutes behind.
The peleton from behind. I had hoped to get a photo of expectant
faces in the crowd, but all I got was bums.

And this is us!
Later in the week we will present the wonders of the Caravanne in living video.



Jean said...

Simon, we were lucky enought to be in Le Grand Pressigny when the Tour de France passed through last year. Which it does about every 10 years apparently. It was a fantastic day and I will enjoy the memory of it forever. It took only a couple of minutes for the velos to pass through but the street party lasted all day. The French really know how to do stuff like that properly with just the right balance of carnival and chaos. AND they went up the one-way street the WRONG WAY !!

accommodation in dublin said...

Friend really superb view of photograph.

chm said...

Is that pidgin irish?

Susan said...

CHM: I assume it is someone's attempt to get us and our readers to click on their site – in which case, it's failed as far as we are concerned.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. I read you blog regularly, and i watched the tv highlights of the tour showing
that very recognisable junction. And there you were, standing in a big read circle. Enjoy your blog, keep it up, Dave, London,

Simon said...

Jean. T'was super fun last year - this year was fun but in a different way

Dave - welcome to the blog. I knew you were watching, thats why you could see me waving...

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