Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Our Recent Travels

In our search for a Traction Avant we have travelled a fair bit, and seem some stuff. Some of the stuff we even took photos of, and now seems a resonable time to show some of those photos.

Our first stop was lunch in a bar in Thoiry. The food was interesting (a whole demi-sel pork hock each - cold- served with frites - very hot) as was the wildlife in the beer garden. Swallows and House Martins nesting on the same walls, so we managed to take the following two photos without moving from our seats. The owner also had a Braque hongrois (Vizsla) puppy of amusing demeanour.

A baby House MartinSusan tries the driving seat of a Traction Avant for size
The Chateau at Thoiry. We had never heard of it, but
it is an African Wildlife Park as well.
One of the 13th Century bridges in and around Bellac.
There is a whole string of them leading into town, and
one inside the town itself
Looking back, we didn't take all that many photos compared to what we normally manage. Maybe the heat got to us, or maybe it's because we were "on a mission" and concentrating on our destinations rather than the views.

We will try do better next time.



chm said...

Hello Simon,
Just a small typo. The chateau is Thoiry.

chm said...

Hello again,
That medieval bridge near Bellac is as gorgeous as the photo!

Simon said...

Thanks CHM. I've fixed that. Never got the hang of this typing lark...

Jean said...

Great photos. You should get out more often !! Lovely car, too, but not THE ONE yet?

Jenny said...

Yes, the heat will wipe you out of a lot of get up and go. The car choice looks great. So nostalgic.

Simon said...

There is a whole series of those bridges, all of the same date, and all over the same river. I am not sure if they were all on the same route, or on different routes leading into town.

Jean and Jenny: we liked that car a lot, but it was the first one we looked at (and the doors didnt quite close as tightly as I thought they should)

I can feel the right one getting closer though....

chm said...

Simon, do you have photos of all those bridges?

If they're all the same period they must be very beautiful.

Simon said...


No - I saw a signpost to one other bridge before we took the diversion to see the bridge we took the photo of. I only found out about the further bridges (including the one in Bellac itself) after we got home and I was doing some research.

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