Friday, 24 July 2009

Posh Plants

It has rained a couple of times in the past few days - good, constant rain with not much in the way of destructive heavy stuff.

Up until this point we have been watering the plants by hand. Because we want our plants to succeed, we have been giving them only the best of treatment. Pampered them, even...

We planted late this year because of when the garden became ours to use. The beans are flowering and about to produce, and we have been picking courgettes for a couple of days. (The expected flood of courgette has not started - yet.) We are starting to pick tomatoes, and the chillies are looking promising. We even have flowers on our aubergine. The seeds we sowed have been a disappointment though: 3 chard, 1 beetroot and about 6 carrots is all we have despite putting in a row of each. Last week I filled in the gaps with more seeds, and still nothing. Obviously something is eating the seeds.

To try counter this I am sowing more seeds this week, this time in pots. Because they are root vegetables I am planting (and the fact they are going in at the end of the recommended planting window) I wish to disturb them as little as possible. I am planting one seed per pot, and lining the pots with paper so that when the time comes to plant out I can (hopefully) slide out the paper cup complete with plant and stick it straight into the ground.

I will be planting beetroot, carrot and chard in youghurt pots and hopefully bypass whatever it is that makes our hoped for plants fail to materialise.


  1. Why not put a sign : Interdit aux mangeurs de semences?

  2. CHM - It's either ants or crickets eating the seeds - not only do I not speak the languages, I am not sure I can write that small....

  3. We had the same problem with our green beans, etc. Something was eating the seeds, we think. I like the idea of lining pots with paper and starting the seedlings that way. Thanks.