Friday 21 December 2018

Christmas Market

Early December is the season of Christmas markets. Preuilly's was on Saturday 8 December, on a cold bleak day which didn't encourage people to be out and about. Nevertheless the market place was reasonably well populated with shoppers, I guess because lots of them were picking up their Christmas tree.

Horse drawn fun for the kids.

I had a nice surprise when I stopped at the Noiseraie Productions stall. One of the men working there was Mickael, our former plumber. We had a nice catch up and it turns out that he is now the maintenance man at the nut butter factory. They employ nine people at Noiseraie Productions, including Mickael and his brother. Mickael services the production machinery and no doubt does lots of odd jobs. He trained as a plumber, but his father is a mason and Mickael is the sort of practical chap who can turn his hand to anything.

Mickael at the Noiseraie Productions stall.
After the attack at Strasbourg Christmas market I feel it is worth pointing out that no one would have any hesitation about attending a small rural Christmas market. It's all about supporting your local community and local artisan stallholders.

Twinkly lights in the trees.

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Merry Christmas and wishing you peace, joy and happiness in the new year.

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